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Jewelry that empowers personal growth through the art of storytelling
My name is Adriana, I am the maker & creator behind Moon & Bird Jewelry. I am so grateful that you have found your way to this page. My mission is to bring awarness to the importance surronding mental health. They've promised that dreams come true - so I started this brand in hopes to fill the the world with the love and light that it often does'nt give to us. To help not only myself, but others work through their internal battles with pieces to remind them of how far along they have come. That with light, there is often darkness but with that pain comes healing and wisdom. My purpose is to spread these messages of love to those that need it most.

We are a witness here on earth despite the many conflicts that may arise in our external worlds. Sometimes you may find yourself in a dark place, feeling burried, but remember you've simply been planted. May you wear our pendants close to your heart as a reminder of your profound growth. Healing is not linear, so look in the mirror at your piece and remind yourself of the story it holds.

Wishing you happiness wherever this life shall bring you.

With love,
Messages from Adriana ♡

Meet The Maker

I am a 27 year old business grad student. I studied The Arts as well as Design before I found my calling as a young Entrepreneur. My goal was to create a brand that resembled my core values as a human being. I believe in doing with purpose, spreading encouragement through stories, & giving love & kindness

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